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Bulk LP Gas for Hospitality

Agas National offers a wide range of bulk LPG cylinders for commercial kitchens and heating for Bars, Cafes, Clubs and Restaurants .
Increasing numbers of businesses are converting to LPG, recognising it as a reliable, cost efficient energy source. Utilising Bulk LPG gas for large volume applications has significant cost advantages over electricity and natural gas, with reduced infrastructure requirements and cost.  Ongoing maintenance fees are much lower with bulk LPG. Depending on your energy footprint, LPG may prove more cost effective for your requirements.
Bulk LPG storage tanks on your premises ensures you never run out of LPG gas which can lead to costly downtime of equipment, however with our superior same day delivery service or regular scheduled deliveries, this would never be problem with Agas National.
Bulk Agas Tank filling 210kg bottles
Agas National delivers your bulk LP gas via a tanker, into your on-site storage tank, so you can fill the cylinders onsite at any time that suits your needs.   Whatever your business, Agas Gas Fitters can assist you with converting your current energy source to LPG, and provide the most cost effective option tailored to your business requirements.

For more information and how we can tailor Bulk LP Gas to your business needs, contact Agas national today.