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Forklift Gas

Agas National supply AAA Propane (LPG) to the single and multiple forklift operator market.  For businesses operating forklifts in enclosed areas, Propane (LPG) offers fewer emissions and is the safest and cleanest fuel to operate in confined spaces.

Why do we only supply AAA propane to our forklift users? – The answer is simple, AAA propane is the most refined source of LPG available for the Forklift market and has the cleanest most consistent burn available.  Forklifts running on LPG require a very fine tune to get the best power and economy they can and only AAA propane can provide this.

There are other sources of LPG available in the market place offered sometimes at a cheaper rate; to use this in your forklift can cost you dearly in a very short period of time. Many instances over the years where lower grade propane LPG has been used have caused many forklifts to clog, and/or damage forklift engines or parts.

Don’t be fooled, only use AAA propane to ensure your forklift only endures normal wear and tare.

LP Gas is a more cost-effective, cleaner and convenient fuel than petrol or diesel, which means forklift running and maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Agas National offers forklift operators the flexibility of delivery schedules to suit the business, from every day delivery to once a week, what ever your business requires.

Agas National uses the latest 15Kg Aluminium Gas cylinders,(approx 25Kg’s) total weight which are almost half the overall weight of the traditional Steel 18Kg cylinder (approx 45Kg’s) total weight. Our light weight cylinder makes it safer to lift and carry, helping to comply with OHS standards and reducing risk of injury to your staff when lifting and connecting gas cylinders to the forklift.  Agas National supplies Forklift Gas within the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Moreton Shire and South East Queensland areas. 

For more information on the Forklift gas for commercial use, please contact us to order your forklift gas phone us on
07 3282 5783.