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Bulk Forklift LPG

Whilst Agas National can supply your business with exchange bottled Forklift gas, once your business reaches over a certain volume, you may find Bulk LP Gas supply may become more cost effective for your business.

Forklift gas bottles can be topped up from bulk LPG storage cylinders, and only takes a similar amount of time as refuelling your car.  
Other advantages of using Bulk LPG include:
  • Having less cylinders on site, creating a safer work place 
  • Safer option for employees as they do not need to lift heavy LPG cylinders when full
  • Forklift gas cylinders can be topped up at any time, e.g. at the start or end of work shifts increasing productivity
  • No risk of LPG spillage, unlike petrol and diesel fork lifts
Bulk LPG storage tanks on your premises ensures you never run out of LP Gas which can lead to costly downtime of equipment, however with our superior same day delivery service or regular scheduled deliveries, this would never be problem with Agas National.

Agas National Bulk LPG Tanker

Agas National can supply a range of LPG gas storage cylinder sizes to suit your business, ranging from 210kg to 7,500 litres.
Agas National delivers your bulk LP gas via a tanker, into your on-site storage tank, so you can fill the cylinders onsite at any time that suits your needs. 
Safety is a big part of our business, and Agas National provides full safety training for Bulk LP Gas customers.
For more information and how we can tailor Bulk LP Gas to your business needs, contact Agas national today.