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Gas Compliance Certificates

A gas compliance certificate is a very important piece of documentation when you have gas installed on your premises.
Gas compliance certificates can only be supplied by a certified gas fitter upon completing any gas installation, modification or extension to an existing gas service or new gas installation.

At a glance, a gas compliance certificate:
  • Is documentation stating compliance with state standards and regulations issues by your respective state government
  • Advises gas suppliers that the installation on your home or commercial premises is safe to supply
  • Is issued by licensed gas fitters who perform the installation, modification or extension

Why do you need one?

Per state regulations, you cannot be supplied gas without a gas compliance certificate.  The compliance certificate lets us know that your installation is safe to supply.  Before connecting gas for the first time, we need to be supplied a copy of your compliance certificate.

Protection for you

By supplying us a copy of your gas compliance certificate, if for unforeseen events occur which require you to supply one to insurance companies, we will have a copy of your certificate. 

By having a gas compliance certificate, if there are any problems due to faulty workmanship, the gas fitter who supplied the certificate is responsible for fixing the defect.

Though it is not a requirement, gas systems do weather over time due to exposure to the elements.  It is recommended that you have you gas installation checked and leaked tested every three to five years.

Don’t have a compliance certificate?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a copy or cannot find it, our certified gas fitters can come to you and inspect and provide a new compliance certificate.  Contact us if you need a new gas compliance certificate.