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Have an issue with your gas installation, we can fix it.

Agas National gas fitters can repair a range of issues with your gas appliances:
  • Gas leaks
  • Hot water system failures
  • Clogged cooktop jets
  • Regulator failures
Smell Gas or think you are using gas too quickly? You may have a leak, usure what gas smells like?
Gas suppliers add odours that make LP Gas smell like rotten eggs for easy detection, as gas itself is odourless without the additive.
The dangers of leaking gas are very serious and can lead to death or serious injury. LP Gas is very safe if your appliances are working correctly, if your appliances are not burning gas correctly, it means they are not running efficiently, and will cost you more money with additional gas used.

For an inexpensive service from one of our gas fitters, can save you in the longer term. 
Agas National is the only independent full service gas company in South East Queensland.  Your safety is very important to us.
If you smell gas or have any concerns, please contact us.