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Convert your Natural Gas appliance to LP Gas

Do you have an appliance that you need to convert from natural gas to LP Gas?  Agas national Gas fitters can help you with this.

Natural gas appliances are not interchangeable with LP Gas appliances and need to be converted because the different gases operate at different pressures.
Gas appliance Manufacturers may provide kits with the parts and instructions required to convert from one gas to another, however conversions must be conducted by licensed gas fitters.  Agas National Gas fitters upon completing any conversions and installation will supply a gas compliance certificate.

Never attempt to connect a gas appliance to the wrong type of gas, as it can be extremely dangerous.
To convert from one gas to another, the two most common alterations are the sizing of the gas injectors and the adjustment of pressure to the appliance.

Depending on the appliance, there may be other parts that require changing, in addition to the gas injectors.  Among these can be the burners themselves, dampers, aeration sleeves and air baffles.

If you are unsure if your appliance can be converted, contact the appliance manufacturer or contact us.