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Argon Cylinders generally look like the image below, though the colouring may differ depending on which blend you require.

Argon Gas

About Argon blends Industrial use

Argon either pure or in combination with carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen or helium is the most widely used commonly as welding gases.

Agas National supplies Argon gas mixtures; formulated to provide increases in productivity and cost efficiency. Less spatter, improved welding speeds, reduced-set up and clean-up times and the reduction in consumption costs, i.e. less gas and MIG wire used, these are all factors that lower your overall operating costs.

We are also pleased to announce that we can supply the new "Gx" size gas cylinder for Argon gases. The new "Gx" size high-pressure gas cylinder is designed for EXTRA gas capacity (> 10 m3) so you have fewer cylinder change over’s and more time spent on those all-important jobs.

Which Argon welding gas is best for me?

Uni-A-100 (Pure Argon) – suits welding aluminium and stainless steel Mig or Tig
Uni-CA-892 For Mig welding -- suits welding most thickness steel and galvanized steel


  • Asphyxiation air containing less then 16% oxygen is dangerous
  • Precautions
  • Never allow oil or grease on cylinder or valve
  • Close cylinder valve when not in use
  • Always use regulator to connect to system
  • Secure cylinders to prevent falling over
  • Open cylinder valve slowly
Agas National is your local supplier for industrial gases including Argon and Argon blends. We offer free same day delivery* for all your gas needs. 
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