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Residential Gas FAQ

What is LPG?

LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas which describes propane and butane gases. When stored under pressure, they become a liquid in much less space, making LPG easy to transport.

Is LPG the gas used in barbecues?

Yes. It is also used in space heaters, hotwater heating systems, cookers and other commercial and household applications.

Is LPG used to fuel motor vehicles?

Yes, but it's a different blend of Propane and Butane, so it's not compatible with other gas appliances as it can be very harmful to humans in enclosed spaces.

What is the difference between LPG and natural gas?

They are similar in terms of usage, but natural gas is not easily compressed for storage and transported as a liquid and therefore is not economically available in many applications.

Can I use LPG in natural gas appliances or vice-versa?

No. Each type of gas requires different amounts of oxygen to burn properly, so different burners are needed in the appliances. All gas installations and conversions must be carried out by a licensed gasfitter.

How environmentally sensitive is LPG?

LPG occurs naturally, or is produced as a by product of oil refining. On a unit energy basis, it produces less carbon dioxide than is emitted from coal-fired power stations, oil or wood fuels. Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming. In auto gas, LPG produces less carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons than petrol engines, which helps to address health and smog issues.

How much is LPG bottle gas?

You won't find Agas National LPG prices online because it's a product that's traded on the world market, where prices fluctuate in response to changes in supply, demand and currency exchange rates.

Agas National is committed to delivering LPG to you at competitive rates. To demonstrate this commitment Agas National guarantees to provide value for money and is the only LPG supplier to provide same day delivery, giving the customer service you deserve.

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