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Residential Gas Safety

LP Gas is a convenient and popular energy source, enjoyed in homes and as a great portable option. As with all sources of energy, you should take care and use it safely and responsibly

If you can smell gas:

  • Check pilot lights on your appliances are switched off
  • Check burners on your stove are turned off
  • To confirm a leak, spray the connections to your gas appliances and equipment with ONLY soapy water
  • Your gas cylinder might be close to empty, as the gas at the bottom may smell stronger (even if it isn't leaking).
  • If a leak is found or you cannot confirm a leak contact your installer or gas fitter for further direction

Safety Tips

Using gas cylinders
  • Check to make sure valves are tightly turned off when not in use
  • Fit a screwed plug into the cylinder outlet when not in use
  • Never inhale cylinder contents.
  • Always store in an upright position
Transporting gas cylinders
  • Cylinders should be restrained at all times
  • Secure cylinders upright for travel
  • Carry in the boot if possible
  • Only carry up to two cylinders at one time
  • Gas cylinders must be transported with a screw plug in the valve
  • Keep cylinders away from heat or direct sun.
Setting up gas cylinders
  • Position upright and securely on a firm, non-combustible base
  • Put in a well ventilated area
  • Keep away from flames, sparks and heat
  • Only connect to approved LP Gas appliances
  • Check hoses and fittings are clean and in good condition.
Connecting BBQ gas cylinders
  • Turn appliance controls OFF
  • Insert connector into cylinder valve
  • Tighten firmly anti-clockwise with spanner or wrench
  • Spray soapy water on connections to check for leaks- if bubbles appear, check connections
  • Do not use if connections are leaking gas.
  • Open cylinder valve (usually 1 turn is enough) can make it much faster to turn off if leak develops and appliance should still work normally.